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Adam Powell


I first ran a search marketing campaign (AdWords) back in 2006 while trying to make a living selling boats; I talked my boss into it by explaining that we could bid $1.00 a day and 33¢ a click.

I got back into search marketing in 2010 when working in Brownsville, Texas with renowned photographer Greg Phelps.

In early 2012, I moved back to Columbus, Ohio after having lived out West for a few years. I have now lived in Columbus for almost 20 years and I consider it home.

I am equally creative and analytical and internet marketing, due to the competitiveness, is the career I chose because it allows me to be both artistic and scientific.

Before I spoke at ad:tech NY in late 2014 I decided to re-brand my advertising agency from adam infinitum to Abacus Analytics & Advertising Agency LLC but you can call it Abacus for short.


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