Freedman, Gibson & White Inc

Freedman, Gibson & White Inc. was (is?) an advertising and marketing agency based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

It seems they were quite successful; it’s not clear the current or recent status of them but here’s what we have gathered from the searches we have done:

Domains Used by Freedman, Gibson & White, Inc.

Google SERP for Freedman, Gibson, White Inc.
Domain lapsed, now re-directs HERE (this page links to itself)
Focus/FGW seems to have been a collaboration between Allan Sharp and Freedman, Gibson & White, Inc.
Domain lapsed, now re-directs to
Domain of Loren/Allan/Odioso Advertising, Inc.
LAO was purchased by FGW at some point
Domain (DNS) does not resolve
Domain now registered to person/company in China overview of Freedman, Gibson and White, Inc

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